VR Experience and Promo Launch


Sony Music, Ultra Records and MPC launch the Kygo VR Experience on PlayStationVR and Oculus Rift

Sony Music International, Ultra Records, RCA Records and MPC VR will launch the experience at CES, the world’s most prominent electronics show, hosted by the Consumer Technological Association in Las Vegas (http://ces.tech/).

MPC VR, a leading global visual effects and VR production studio, directed “Carry Me” with an approach that utilized the strengths of Virtual Reality technology to enable an entirely new kind of music experience. Starting with the lyrics, concept and structure of the song, MPC VR’s creative and development team conceptualized a journey that would literally “carry” the user upward through a series of different environments.

Throughout the course of this journey, the user becomes larger as they transition through each environment, starting at the size of a single cell and culminating in an incredible visual climax within a vast galaxy. 

Stressing the importance of Kygo’s presence within the experience, MPC VR flew a team to Norway to do a complete 3D scan of Kygo in his studio. This incredibly detailed model was then integrated using particles and forms to make him an integral part of the experience.

"When I set out to create the 'Carry Me' VR experience, I wanted to literally take my fans into the heart of the song using sight, sound and feeling," said Kygo. "Virtual Reality technology gave us the ability to completely re-imagine the concept of a music video, and I'm blown away by what we've been able to achieve, and what else we can continue to achieve moving forward."

Kygo fans around the world can download the “Carry Me” VR Experience on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. See the mixed reality promo below or on YouTube. Read more about the project here.


Production Company
Head of VR & Immersive
Tim Dillon
Alan Bibby & Andrei Juradowitch
VR Lead
Andrew Weidenhammer
Record Label
Ultra & Sony Music Entertainment
Head of Emerging Technology
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Founder/President, Ultra Music
Patrick Moxey
EVP, International SME
Adam Granite
Director of Marketing, Ultra
Alexander Coslov
Director of Digital/Producer, Ultra
Dan Smith
Chris Connolly
Carly Wilson
VFX Supervisor
Jason Schugardt
Senior Designer
Damien Bastelica
Michael Nieves, Roger Hom, Andrew Cohen, Jeremy Hart, Butch Belair, Abhinandan Madhu, Akshay Sunil Wadwalkar, Kunal Sarkar, Ria Banerjee, Daniel Uribe, Ruairi Twohig
VFX Team
Q Department & Mach1, VR Sound Mix. Drazen Bosnjak, Jacqueline Bosnjak, Zack Rice, Heather Lee MacFarlane, Dylan Marcus
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