Immersive taste sensation

Guinness VR

The first VR experience to engage all five senses is launched in UK-wide Tesco stores, with creative direction by Pete Conolly

This unique tasting experience, produced by MPC Creative in collaboration with R/GA to promote the latest Guinness beers, immerses users in a bespoke 360 environment comprising colours, shapes and sounds that have been scientifically proven to enhance the flavour profiles of each beer.

In the experience, people hear the voice of Peter Simpson - master brewer at The Guinness Open Gate – who tells them when to smell and taste the beers. An intelligent cup with an inbuilt Arduino chip recognises these movements and triggers a range of multi-sensory cues that enhance the flavours and aromas.

“VR has often promised the possibility of engaging all five senses at once”, says Creative Director Pete Conolly at MPC Creative. “This is the first application to do that for a commercial brand. 

The challenge here was to design a visual and audio landscape that would complement a specific set of flavours, and which would elicit a kind of synesthetic response from the user, a joining or crossing of all senses at once.”

The experience was developed in collaboration with Professor Charles Spence, an award winning food and flavour scientist and lecturer at Oxford University, whose expertise in this area ensured that the innovative VR experience combined a range of colours, textures, movements and sounds, all aimed at enhancing the flavour profiles of each beer when tasted. He provided MPC Creative with his research and tasting notes to help form the campaign design; establishing that the sight, touch and sound of food and drinks can have large effects on perceived tastes.


Production Company
MPC Creative
Executive Creative Director
Rodrigo Sobral
Creative Directors, R/GA
Ciaran McCarthy, Tim Wild
Creatives, R/GA
Paul Calway, Adam Collins, Daniel Liakh, Josh Croston
Executive Producers, R/GA
Jocelyn Birsch, Maria Stark
Producer, R/GA
Adam Reid
Production Manager, R/GA
Caleigh Kimberly
Production Assistant, R/GA
Mary Lynch
Creative Director, MPC Creative
Pete Conolly
Tim Porteous
Digital Producer, MPC Creative
Sinead Catney
Dafydd Upsdell
VFX Producer
Russell Forde
VFX Supervisor, 3D
Graeme Turnbull
VFX Supervisor, 2D
David Filipe
VFX Team
Tushar Kewlani, Amir Bazazi, Matthew Gifford, Selcuk Ergen, David Webster, Radu Ciubotariu, Grant White, Danit Klibansky
UI Design
Erik Norrhede


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